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Welcome to TedStelle.com's web design division. Please feel free to review the pages included herein. This includes pricing & contact information and a portfolio gallery.

TedStelle.com is there to meet all of your business needs. The website designs can be drafted from previously used designs or from web vendors that have already completed web-templates. 

Following is what is included in all website design plans:

  • Domain Registration
  • Attractive Templates Created For The Leading Web Browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome)
  • Websites Utilizing .CSS, Joomla, WordPress & .HTML And Basic Photoshop Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Hosting Set-Up (If Needed)
  • E-Commerce Integration Using Third Party Vendors
  • Affordable Maintenance Plans
Nearly every aspect to a website is interchangeable. Think of the website as a closet full of clothes and the client gets to decide what their website gets to wear. Web/copy-editing is also available for existing websites that use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) back-end editors.

Why Use This Service?

Today's business community is intrinsically linked to the Internet. They use it for social media, mass communication, informational messaging and traditional means of marketing.  

With TedStelle.com, your design team has a background in Marketing/Communication with degrees in Business Administration, Economics and Political Science. They also have advanced degrees in Education. 

Additionally, TedStelle.com utilizes templates in their website creations. What does this mean? It means the client saves money!  

Websites are like a piece of art. The most creative and unique pages that feature all the bells and whistles of the Internet can be un-affordable for most businesses. However, using templates will provide a more cost effective alternative that will reach your target audience and develop a permanent place for your business online.  Clients are able to choose their design and let TedStelle.com edit the internal coding for them. 

By building a webpage for content and not design, the client will be able to save themselves a lot of time, energy and money.  Unique designs can cost thousands of dollars and take many months to fully complete given the level of needs assigned. Template files however, can be re-worked to meet color schemes, product-branding informational needs; thus leading to a unique site. More importantly, they are cost-effective while requiring little time frame to complete. Essentially, why pay thousands of dollars when you can do it for a few hundred.

Latest Website Creation

Website Name: Family Action PAC
Category: Political Campaigns & Organizations
Initial Pages: 15
Design Template: WordPress, .css & HTML Mixture
Hosted: Yes
Maintenance: No
Contact Form: Yes
E-Commerce: Yes
Social Media: Yes

For more pricing and contact information, please contact TedStelle.com today.