Asia and the Pacific

I Japan's Economic Rise

A.  Occupation and Reform- MacArthur headed up the Supreme Command of the Allied Powers (SCAP) to govern Japan after the war. 

    1. A New Constitution- SCAP required Japan to create a new Constitution. The Emperor was reduced to a symbol of the  state leaving governmental power to the legislature. 

    2. Economic Reform- Created giant conglomerates for reform (zaibatzu).

    3. Reshaping Education- Longer school years and more local control was implemented for schools and their districts.

    4. Japan's Dramatic Recovery- Went from impoverished inflationary periods to an economic tiger.

B. Japan in World Affairs- trade and trading partner

III A Divided Korea

A.  Korean War

    1. 38th Parallel

    2. Stalemate

    3. Landing at Inchon

    4. Push to Yalu (Allies)

    5. Push to Pusan (China and North Korean)

V Southeast Asia and the Pacific

A.  Struggle for Indochina

    1. War in Southeast Asia

        a.  Domino Theory

        b.  Military Advisors

        c.  Cold War

        d.  Political Influences

    2. Gulf Of Tonkin

    3. 1968 USA Election

        a. Tet Offensive

        b.  Johnson

        c.  Kennedy/Humphrey/Wallace vs. Nixon

    4. Ending the War

        a.  Vietnamization

        b.  Fall of Saigon (1975)