Key Events In The Revolutionary War

Event Date Location Significance
Lexington-Concord April 1775 Massachusetts First armed conflict. Propaganda victory for U.S. Casualties: U.S.:95. British: 270
Ft. Ticonderoga May 1775 Lake Champlain Ethan Allen captured fort and cannon later used in defense of Boston
Breed's Hill (Bunker Hill) June 1775 Boston 1/6 of all British officers killed in war die here. Only battle in long siege of Boston
Invasion of Quebec Winter 1775-76 Maine/Canada Gens. Arnold and Montgomery failed in invasion attempt of Canada
Dorchester Heights March 1776 Boston British forced to evacuate New England
Declaration of Independence July 1776 Philadelphia 2nd Continental Congress issues formal declaration of separation from British
Long Island August 1776 New York U.S. forces forced to retreat to Manhattan, then New Jersey
Trenton December 1776 New Jersey Hessian army crushed in Washington's raid across the Delaware River. Casualties: U.S. :4, British: 900
Princeton January 1777 New Jersey U.S. recovers New Jersey from British in 10 days. British retreat to New New York, where they remain for the war.
Brandywine Creek
September 1777
October 1777
Pennsylvania British seize Philadelphia after these victories
Saratoga October 17, 1777 Upstate New York Turning point of war. Convinced French of U.S. strength. Burgoyne surrenders 5800 men.
Monmouth June 1778 New Jersey U.S. army almost captured British but cowardice allowed British forces to escape
Savannah December 1778 Georgia Beginning of British push in the South
Vincennes February 1779 Western territories Clark captures British forts which proved important in negotiations with British after the war
Charleston December 1779 South Carolina British gain control of South with victory here
King's Mountain October 1780 South Carolina Bloody victory for U.S.
Yorktown October 19, 1781 Virginia Cornwallis surrenders to Washington as French and American forces trap British on peninsula.  

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