Extra Credit Opportunities

Letters to the Editor

In conjunction with our Current Events assignments, students may write letters to the editor for a variety of local newspapers.

For help in writing letters, please click

Students who write a clearly stated and well argued letter will receive 3 points. Students who have their letters published will receive an additional 2 points.

Please note that this assignment is limited to ONE letter per week of class.

Internet Research

Dead Links
Students may review any and all webpages within this website. Should they find a dead link (URL), they may receive 1 point per link with a 3 link maximum per week.  

Add Links
Students who wish to add links to this site may send an email; for every link that is added to this website, the student shall receive 1 point with a 3 link maximum per week. All submitted links must be relevant.

School/Community Service

Students who can recite the Preamble to the Constitution may earn up to 2 homework credits per recitation (limited to three per semester).

Students who can recite the school's alma mater may earn 1 homework credit per recitation (limited to five per semester).