Typing Test #1

Enter your name below, then specify the duration in seconds. Scroll down, click the start button at the bottom of the page. As soon as you click start an alert message will appear telling you to get ready, click ok, place your cursor on the text-area and start typing whatever is written in the paragraph below. After the duration you specified elapses, you will be stopped. Click the "Results" button at the bottom to view your results. You may also view a graph of your results!  

Name:          Duration (seconds):

When you take a typing test, you will see all sorts of font sizes-- big, little and everything in between. You will also have different types of scripts to work with. Some are fun to work with while others are hard to read. You should always take your time when typing. You will want to minimize your errors. Proper keyboarding takes a lot of practice. If you are looking to be a fast typist, it will take time. On average, a person generally types at or around 40-50 words a minute. You too can do this! Sit up straight, type with light fingertips and remain calm. If you finish this exercise ahead of type, please remain quiet.