My Dictionary

‘I’ stands for Immigration

‘J’ stands for Journey

My Primary Language Is

Material- MS-Word

Objectives- General keyboarding and English skills


1. Students will open from the Resources Directory the document My Dictionary for I J.doc.

2. Students will then save the file into their own personal account as " My Dictionary for I J.doc."

3. Students will enter a footer containing the following in their document

      Document Date                                                          Student Name

      My Dictionary for "I & J"                                          Account Number

4. Students will then narrate their journey to America in paragraph form using the following guidelines:

·         - What was the primary reason you immigrated to this country? (2 Sentences)
· When did you come to the United States? (1 Sentence)
· Where was your home before you moved to the United States? (1 Sentence)
· What did you do in your homeland before you moved here?    (1 Sentence)
· Where did you first settle when you came to this country?        (1 Sentence)
· Did you know English when you came here? What other languages did you speak? (2 Sentences)
· What was the trip to the United States like? Did you come over land, by boat, by plane, etc? Was the trip hard or easy? Were you ever worried or frightened? (4 Sentences)
· What were your first impressions about the United States? Did your first experiences live up to what you had hoped for?         (2 Sentences)
· Did you experience any problems or prejudice when you moved to this country? (1 Sentence)
· Do you like the USA? (1 Sentence)

15 Sentences Total


Please begin your immigration narrative here:

Assessment- Students will be supervised throughout the class period as to the content and quality of their work.