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‘G’ stands for Geography

Lesson Plan



Objectives- Utilization of the Internet, MS-Office Applications: Power Point, Sentence and Grammar structure and Conversational English

Materials- Computer, Internet Connection and MS- Office Applications: Power Point


1. Students will be developing and later presenting a lesson for younger students to learn about geography. This lesson will encompass Continents and Oceans.

2.  Students will first sketch out a storyboard as a rough draft for their Power Point presentation about Geography. It will include clip art and. jpeg images. It will also include all the text needed for the presentation.

3. The presentation text will also include at a minimum of one fact about the given slide.

4. A listing of helpful websites is as follows:


5. Students will open MS-Power Point.

6. Students will then compose a presentation as necessary by utilizing all the formatting functions, skills and techniques as needed.

7. Students will print out their slide show as thumbnailed images.

8. Upon completion, students will share their work with the other students as means of grading.

Additional Assessment- Students will be supervised throughout the class period as to the content and quality of their work.