My Dictionary

‘F’ stands for Food

Lesson Plan



Objectives- Utilization of the Internet; MS-Word Applications; Sentence and Grammar structure; Conversational English


Materials- Computer, Internet Connection, MS-Word




1. Students will open MS-Word.

2. Students will find the document named "My Dictionary for 'F'"

3. Students will enter a footer containing…


Document Date                                                                                                                                           Student Name

Dictionary for ‘F’                                                                                                                                  Account Number


4. Students will then go to online and select clip art for their desired food/meal. They may also use MS-Clip Art

5. Students will use the save and insert method to place the clip art in the table.

6. Students will then write four to six sentences in English using a conversational format about the particular meal.

Example (#4-6)-





Please write four-six sentences in English about the particular meal in conversational form. Be sure to include what you eat and if you like the food you eat. Please try to be very descriptive.

Breakfast (Student-Parent)

Mom: Good morning. What would you like for breakfast?

Me: I think I would like some scrambled eggs.

Mom: I can make that for you. Would you like some toast?

Me: Yes, please. I think I will get some jam out of the refrigerator for my toast.

Mom: That sounds delicious.


Assessment- Students will be supervised throughout the class period as to the content and quality of their work.