My Dictionary
‘A’ stands for Animal
My Primary Language Is
Objectives- Utilization of the Internet; MS-Word Applications; Sentence and Grammar structure; Conversational English
Materials- Computer, Internet Connection (, MS-Word
1. Students will open in MS-Word a new page.

2. Students will write as a header, the terms…

My Dictionary
"A: stands for animal.
My primary language is LANGUAGE.
3. Students will enter a footer containing…
Document Date                             Student Name
Dictionary for ‘A’                          Account Number
4. Students will then work within the table of rows & columns. It will appears as follows-

English Animal Name



Clipart Picture


 leono - lion

Sentence: The lion is Westminster High School's mascot.

5. Students will then choose the English term to describe the clipart picture
6. Students will then use their native language to describe the clipart picture and write one sentence in English.
Assessment- Students will be supervised throughout the class period as to the content and quality of their work.