Wishlist Assignment


In conjunction with FindGift.com, please create a wishlist to share with your family and friends for the holidays and get togethers. You can create any type of wishlist with any items of your choice.

Please fill out the membership at FindGift.com - To Sign Up At Find Gift.

Then proceed to create a Gift Registry, Gift Bookmarks, Email Reminders or Favorite Stores. This assignment is concerned with the Gift Registry only.

You can add to the registry by clicking here. A tutorial can be looked at here.

Then follow the steps to complete your gift registry.

STEP 1: Customize your registry categories

Click here to customize your registry categories. Or, you can skip this step and do this at a later time.

STEP 2: Start adding gifts to your registry

Use our registry form to add any gift, from any store, to your registry. Or, click below to browse the FindGift.com selection of gift ideas for gifts to add to your registry...

Your list must include 10 items.

When done, please then create a list in MS-Excel which includes the Item, Item Description, URL visited and the Price of the items selected.

For example-

You must have a list of the 10 items registered at FindGift.com. Your page must also include a formula for the grand total of your wishlist.

The wishlist at FindGift.com and the Excel Spreadsheet will be submitted via email for grading.

 The link to your wishlist must be sent as a hyperlink and the spreadsheet as an attachment.

Assessment- 15 points (5 points FindGift.com 10 points Spreadsheet)