Television Shows Of Yesteryear


In our efforts in effectively using PowerPoint as a presentation tool, students will be asked to profile a favorite television show from yesteryear. These television shows must come from 1948 to 1985. They can be anything from cartoons to dramas to comedies. Think retro, but please choose your show wisely as you must perform the following...

Standards to be met...
  • Must use one organization chart to show how the cast members were related
  • Use of custom animations
  • Use of slide transitions
  • Use of text box's
  • Use of clip art, jpgs, and gif's
  • Use of a summary slide
  • Internet research
  • Printing a handout

Click Here To See A Sample


TV shows of the 1950's

TV shows of the 1960's

TV shows of the 1970's

 TV shows of the 1980's   

Be creative and careful with your use of all the "bell's and whistle's" in this project. There can be too much of a good thing in your artistic creation! Also, to research your favorite show, try some of the search engines that are online!

Assessment: 15 points