Your Favorite Hollywood Celebs!

In this assignment, students will search the internet using their favorite search engines to find out the latest scoop on their favorite Hollywood celebrity. Students will choose one celebrity and find out the following in the efforts---

  • Birth Date
  • Death Death
  • Married
  • Awards
  • Movies Made
  • Television Shows Made
  • Favorite Food
  • Favorite Music
  • Childhood
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Latest Scoop/Gossip
  • Previous Occupations

Student are NOT limited to just that material!!!

Layout/Design- Students must design a page in MS-Word (using clip art, tables, backgrounds, etc) to complete this assignment. All pages must have a Footer naming their celebrity and their own name (example- Stelle, Jimmy Stewart). Be creative in your searches when finding your information. Also be sure to cite your sources!


James Stewart



James Maitland Stewart (May 20, 1908 – July 2, 1997) was an American film actor beloved for his persona as an average guy who faces adversity and tries to do the right thing, an image which was largely reflected in his own personality.

Stewart spoke in a hemming-and-hawing style which was sometimes hard on sound men but came through as sincerity to his audience. His career was therefore built around playing a clean-cut person with good values (although he did play the occasional baddie). His hesitating style gave his characters a natural feel not seen in many movies of his time.

He signed up for the U.S. Army Air Force a year before Pearl Harbor was attacked. His first posting was at Moffett Field, California. His final mission was a bombing run over Vietnam that he specifically requested as a close for his military career. Among his decorations were the Air Medal, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Croix de Guerre and 7 battle stars. In 1959, he served in the Air Force Reserve, before retiring as a brigadier general.

A ladies' man, Stewart finally settled down at age 41, marrying former model Gloria Hatrick McLean on August 9, 1949, and was devoted to her until her death. He adopted her two sons; one of them, Ronald, died on June 8, 1969 in Vietnam. On May 7, 1951, their twin daughters Judy and Kelly were born.

Film Credits-

"This Side of Heaven" (1934)
"Art Trouble" (1934)
"The Murder Man" (1935)
"After the Thin Man" (1936)
"Born to Dance" (1936)
"The Gorgeous Hussy" (1936)
"Important News" (1936)
"Next Time We Love" (1936)
"Rose Marie" (1936)
"Small Town Girl" (1936)
"Speed" (1936)
"Wife vs. Secretary" (1936)
"The Last Gangster" (1937)
"Navy Blue and Gold" (1937)
"Seventh Heaven" (1937)
"Of Human Hearts" (1938)
"The Shopworn Angel" (1938)
"Vivacious Lady" (1938)
"You Can't Take It With You" (1938)
"Destry Rides Again" (1939)
"Ice Follies of 1939" (1939)
"It's a Wonderful World" (1939)
"Made for Each Other" (1939)
"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (1939) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"The Mortal Storm" (1940)
"No Time for Comedy" (1940)
"The Philadelphia Story" (1940) (Oscar, best actor)
"Shop Around the Corner" (1940)
"Come Live with Me" (1941)
"Pot o' Gold" (1941)
"Ziegfeld Girl" (1941)
"It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"Magic Town" (1947)
"Call Northside 777" (1948)
"On Our Merry Way" (1948)
"Rope" (1948)
"You Gotta Stay Happy" (1948)
"Malaya" (1949)
"Stratton Story" (1949)
"Broken Arrow" (1950)
"Harvey" (1950) (Oscar nomination, best actor)
"The Jackpot" (1950)
"Winchester '73" (1950)
"No Highway in the Sky" (1951)
"Bend of the River" (1952)
"Carbine Williams" (1952)
"The Greatest Show on Earth" (1952)
"The Naked Spur" (1952)
"Thunder Bay" (1953)
"The Glenn Miller Story" (1954)
"Rear Window" (1954)
"The Far Country" (1955)
"The Man from Laramie" (1955)
"Strategic Air Command (1955)
"The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956)
"Night Passage" (1957)
"The Spirit of St. Louis" (1957)
"Bell, Book and Candle" (1958)
"Vertigo" (1958)
"Anatomy of a Murder" (1959) (Oscar nomination, best actor)

"The FBI Story" (1959)
"The Mountain Road" (1960)
"Two Rode Together" (1961)
"X-15" (1961) (narrator)
"Flashing Spikes" (1962)
"How the West Was Won" (1962)
"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (1962)
"Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation" (1962)
"Take Her, She's Mine" (1963)
"Cheyenne Autumn" (1964)
"Dear Brigitte (1965)
"The Flight of the Phoenix" (1965)
"Shenandoah" (1965)
"The Rare Breed" (1966)
"Bandolero!" (1968)
"Firecreek" (1968)
"The Cheyenne Social Club" (1970)
"The American West of John Ford" (1971)
"Fools' Parade" (1971)
"Harvey" (1972)
"Hawkins on Murder" (1973)
"That's Entertainment!" (1974)
"The Shootist" (1976)
"Airport '77" (1977)
"The Big Sleep" (1978)
"The Magic of Lassie" (1978)
"Mr. Krueger's Christmas" (1980)
"The Green Horizon" (1981)
"Right of Way" (1983)
"An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" (1991) (voice only)

TV Credits-

The Windmill
General Electric Theater; CBS-TV, April 24, 1955
The Town With A Past
General Electric Theater; CBS-TV, February 10, 1957
The Trail To Christmas
General Electric Theater; CBS-TV, December 15, 1957
Cindy's Fella
Ford Startime Theater; NBC-TV, December 15, 1959
Flashing Spikes
Alcoa Presents, directed by John Ford; ABC-TV, October 4, 1962
The Jimmy Stewart Show
Series; NBC-TV, 1971-1972
Hallmark Hall of Fame; NBC-TV, March 21, 1972
Hawkins on Murder
CBS-TV Movie Pilot, 1972
CBS-TV Mini-Series, 1973-74
Hollywood Stunt Men
As Co-host; August 2, 1975
Salute to John Wayne
ABC-TV, November 20, 1976
Mr Krueger's Christmas
NBC-TV, December 21, 1980
Right of Way
HBO-TV Movie co-starring Bette Davis, 1983.
Merry Christmas...With Love, Julie
Co-starring Julie Andrews, Rich Little; ITC Entertainment
The Johnny Carson Show
Several appearances.



Jimmy Stewart Foundation-
Jimmy Stewart Biography-
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Jimmy Stewart Information-




Stelle- Jimmy Stewart

Assessment- Effective use of MS-Word Formatting (using clip art, tables, bullets, fonts size, font scripts, tabs, backgrounds, footers, etc) to complete this assignment along with correct citations. 15 points.