Formal Dinner Budget



In an excel spreadsheet, students will be ask to budget an elaborate Sunday dinner for 15 people. This will include appetizers, first course dishes, main dishes, side dishes, libations and dessert.

Students will be asked to make up this menu of dishes in class and then create a spreadsheet based on local supermarket prices. A collection of supermarkets are below (weekly advertisements will also be supplied for this project in class).

Trader Joes Southern California
Ralphs Stater Brothers Vons

All spreadsheets must include items, quantity and prices. Upon completion, students must use the MS-Excel Formula Wizard to find an accurate total cost of this dinner. They must have a place for totals and sub-totals while using their formula wizards (or manual input of functions).

Assessment- 20 points (Effective use of Excel, Formulas and Formatting)