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Press releases (also called news releases) are used to announce your company's news to journalists in hopes that they will publicize your story. . Many news and feature stories published in newspapers or broadcast on radio and TV originate from press releases. Press releases are sent to news reporters and journalists by mail, email or fax.

Because journalists receive dozens to hundreds of press releases daily, your release will compete with many others for attention. It's worth spending time to make yours the best it can be.

Typical press release topics include:

Many books on marketing communications and public relations contain sections or entire chapters on preparing press releases. You might want to add such a book to your professional library or check one out from your local public library. Also, the Web site of the Public Relations Society of America, a professional association for public relations practitioners, contains information about press relations in a database of newsletter articles. Check out the site at

The Inverted Pyramid

Newspaper journalists have long used the inverted pyramid model for story writing, so press release writers should structure their releases accordingly.  In general, this model reminds the writer to:

The inverted pyramid model is used for several reasons:

General Guidelines for Writing and Formatting Press Releases



Lead Time



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