How To Target Your Customer
Monday, February 28, 2005


1Write a press release about your company. Define what you offer to the public, why your company matters and how to reach your business, and distribute those points to publications. Create targeted press lists for each client to make sure you are reaching everyone that could be a potential customer. Contact media targets in more than just one industry.

2Hire a wire service to announce your company. This lets people and publications know you are real. Wire services reach hundreds of media outlets, raising your Internet "search" ratings and ultimately your sales.

3Know your audience. Who are they, why do they need to know about your company? Identify publications that your consumer or audience would read. Work with those publications to feature your story. This type of third-party validation makes a big impact on consumers.

4Make it easy to find out how to contact you. You can do a great media campaign, but if consumers can't reach your goods, it doesn't matter. I suggest putting a press room on your Web site so that members of the media can easily contact the company. Customers can also use the information to contact you about your business.

5Make sure you have identified what you offer to your customers. Refine your message and repeat it consistently to make sure you are telling your customer what you do effectively. Point out why your business is different and essential, and why customers need its services.

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