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What's Hot In Entrepreneurship

Unit 4 Managing Your Business Processes

Print this worksheet. The ten terms listed below represent hot trends in entrepreneurship. Choose three topics that interest you. For each of the three topics, locate a pertinent Web site using the keywords provided or keywords of your own. Use these sites to fill in the chart that follows.

1. Mystery shopper: A person hired to visit a business as an "undercover" customer to evaluate and report on service.
Keywords: mystery shopping, customer service evaluation,

2. Workgroup software: Programs that allow several people in different locations to work on a common document or project over the Internet.
Keywords: workgroup software, collaborative software,

3. Software rental service: A service that lets one use a software package over the Internet for a small rental fee.
Keywords: software rental, online applications,

4. Telemanaging: Techniques for managing and supervising employees who telecommute.
Keywords: telemanaging, telecommuting,

5. Company childcare: Childcare services provided by a company for its employees, sometimes on-site.
Keywords: corporate childcare, daycare benefits,

6. Time management: Techniques for organizing responsibilities, tasks, meetings, and information.
Keywords: time management, personal organization,

7. Business support service: A business that completes office tasks, such as bookkeeping, for entrepreneurs who don't want to hire a regular employee.
Keywords: business support firm, Association of Business Support Services International, _____________________________________________________

8. Interactive travel: Carrying cell phones, using portable presentation software, and having access to the Internet and E-mail in airplanes or at hotels, airports, and conference centers.
Keywords: interactive travel, hotel Internet connections,

9. Work-life issues: Issues that relate to the balancing of work and personal demands in a one's life.
Keywords: work-life issues, alternative work schedules,

10. Recruiting ATMs: ATM-style machines in malls and other high-traffic areas at which people can send applications to staffing agencies.
Keywords: staffing strategies, job recruiting trends, _____________________________________________________

Topic Researched and Web site used What is your rating of the site (based on organization, design, reliability, etc.)? How does this topic affect interaction between entrepreneurs and employees? Do you think this trend will increase or diminish over time? Why?