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What's Hot In Entrepreneurship

Unit 6 Growing Your Business

Print this worksheet. The ten terms listed below represent hot trends in entrepreneurship. Choose three topics that interest you. For each of the three topics, locate a pertinent Web site using the keywords provided or keywords of your own. Use these sites to fill in the chart that follows.

1. ISO 14001: An internationally recognized certification for businesses that demonstrates they effectively manage the impact they have on the environment.
Keywords: ISO 14001, green business,

2. Small business advocacy groups: Organizations that voice the concerns of small businesses, often to legislating bodies or in support groups.
Keywords: National Small Business United, small business lobbyists,

3. Internet consulting: A service to help new Internet users set up a Web page, use search engines, conduct e-business, and so on.
Keywords: Internet consulting, Internet training service, ____________________________________________________

4. Internet auctions: Web sites that list services or items for online visitors to bid on.
Keywords: Internet auction, online classified advertising, ____________________________________________________

5. Welfare-to-work: Programs designed to train current welfare recipients and place them in jobs.
Keywords: welfare-to-work, community involvement, ____________________________________________________

6. Shop-for-a-cause Web sites: Retail Web sites that donate a certain amount of money per sale to specified charities.
Keywords: shop for a cause, charity shopping, ____________________________________________________

7. Paid volunteer hours: Company programs that allow employees to assist community groups on company time.
Keywords: paid volunteer hours, business community outreach, ____________________________________________________

8. Online headhunters: Recruiting firms that collect résumés over the Internet and connect businesses with qualified prospective employees.
Keywords: online headhunter, electronic recruiting,

9. Road warrior: An entrepreneur who travels often because it is essential to growing and maintaining his or her business.
Keywords: road warrior, business travel,

10. Recycled plastic clothing: Clothing made with fabric that is made from recycled plastic.
Keywords: recycled plastic products, PCR fabric,

Topic Researched and Web site used What is your rating of the site (based on organization, design, reliability, etc.)? How could this trend help or hinder a business in the long run? How does this trend affect consumers?