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What's Hot in Entrepreneurship

Unit 1 Going into Business for Yourself

Print this worksheet. The ten terms listed below represent hot trends in entrepreneurship. Choose three topics that interest you. For each of the three topics, locate a pertinent Web site using the keywords provided or keywords of your own. Use these sites to fill in the chart that follows.

1. Electronic books: Portable slab-shaped computers that store the text of books, newspapers, and other printed matter.
Keywords: e-books, electronic tablet, ___________________________________________________

2. Dual concept franchising: Bringing two different businesses into one building, such as a gas station with a fast-food restaurant inside.
Keywords: co-branding, franchise,

3. Big Emerging Markets (BEMs): Countries that comprise nearly half of the world's population and are expected to double their share of world imports by 2010.
Keywords: Big Emerging Markets, U.S. Department of Commerce, ___________________________________________________

4. Online magazines: Magazines that focus on a specific topic, such as entrepreneurship, that are published online and can often be read for free.
Keywords: online magazine, electronic journalism, ___________________________________________________

5. Craft industry: Businesses that make or help customers make projects such as scrapbooks, pottery, and jewelry.
Keywords: arts and crafts business, do-it-yourself, ___________________________________________________

6. Ethnic food restaurants: Restaurants that specialize in food from a certain country or culture.
Keywords: ethnic food, ethnic restaurants,

7. Students in Free Enterprise: A national collegiate group that works to promote understanding of the free enterprise system.
Students in Free Enterprise, SIFE

8. Internationalism: A term to describe the growing interdependence between countries for products, labor, and services.
Keywords: World Trade Centers Association, Inc., U.S. Department of Commerce Trade Information Center, ___________________________________________________

9. Adventure tourism: An industry that plans and outfits adventurous, active vacations.
Keywords: adventure tourism, fishing vacation, ___________________________________________________

10. Internet cafés: Businesses that offer computers and Internet connections to customers for an hourly fee.
Keywords: Internet café, cybercafé,

Topic Researched and Web site used What is your rating of the site (based on organization, design, reliability, etc.)? How will this topic affect existing small businesses? What other business needs will the trend create?